Paint Changes Everything Exquisite Hand-Painted Vintage Furniture & Home Decor Statue Restoration Custom Paint & Plaster Finishes Arcadia, CA
Paint Changes Everything  Exquisite Hand-Painted Vintage Furniture & Home DecorStatue RestorationCustom Paint & Plaster Finishes Arcadia, CA 

Welcome to Paint Changes Everything

    With over 26 years of creating exquisite interior and exterior decorative paint finishes, Sheila Lehman is uniquely in a place to know that indeed, Paint really does Change Everything. Her unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail, in combination with a trained and discerning eye for color, have worked to transform homes, businesses, furniture and churches all over Southern California and beyond.


   As is argued in the Latin motto:  "opus superabat materiam", meaning "the work surpasses the materials", a brilliant paint job is more than just paint chips and brushes.  Sheila's extensive knowledge of painting and finishing techniques, materials, preparation, repair and restoration is to the great advantage of the home- and business-owner.


   According to Sheila:  "Every project is unique and I consider the architechtural style; how the space, or the piece of furniture, will be used and by whom; the practicality and durability of a certain paint finish; the visual and emotional impact of the completed project; and financial considerations.  Color and design choices can be daunting.  My goal is to help my clients make the right choices and steer them away from time-consuming, frustrating, scary and/or costly mistakes.  I know what will work and what won't work and my clients appreciate that I am able to communicate that to them while also maintaining their vision of the project."


   Paint can Change Everything.  And change is good!!


Decorative Painted Finishes

Restoration of Religious Statues

Carnival Chalkware Restoration & Sales

Venetian Plaster

Custom Plaster Finishes

Faux Metal and Marble Speciaty Finishes

Gold Leaf

Art Restoration

Vintage Hand-Painted Furniture For Sale

Interior and Exterior Color and Design Consultation

Projects for Commercial, Residential, Places of Worship

La Porte Vintage:

A unique resource for refurbished and painted vintage furniture, home decor, jewelry boxes, vintage paintings, mirrors, lighting, tabletop, barware, gifts and more!


This is a working shop/studio where I transform an eclectic mix of vintage furnishings for my clients and have a wide variety of items for sale.

In addition to restoring and selling fun vintage pieces, I restore religious statuary and do custom paint and plaster finishes in lots of homes, businesses and churches.

Please contact me to get product details and make an appointment to stop by.

Showroom/Studio Location:  114 E. St. Joseph Street, Arcadia, CA  91006

Tel & Text:  626/429-2392  

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